Myke Carroll

Expect to be stirred and shaken by these guys!!!     

The three members of ArcLight started working together in 1991 at Snake Nation Studios doing session work for a variety of local Artists. Having to interperet someone elses musical vision is an art unto itself but it can be rather constraining at times. Often when waiting for an Artists arrival, M.D. Marine (who was the recording engineer at SNS) would come out of the control room and grab a bass guitar and the three would start a jam session that would sometimes last until the clients appearence. In these jams nothing was out of bounds, Jazz, Country, Rock, Pop, Polkas, Celtic,Folk,Bluegrass and especially Blues and R&B. Most times these impromtu sessions ended in riotous laughter but also created a spark that was undeniably attractive and compelling, they were all playing what they felt, all at the same time and it created a very unique sound that was very different but also very familiar. This was cause enough to take it to the next level and start writing songs in their own indellible style. Then came live shows,TV commercials, festival gigs and in 1997 the first album, 72 HOURS and fans from Blue Ridge to Baghdad. Now in their 20th year The music just keeps coming.

 OK.......What the Hell is an ArcLight.....?                                                                                                                                                                                          The name came from a recording session in 1990 with outlaw country group the Kent Foster Band, who we were working for right after the start of the first Gulf War. On a break in an alley behind Quarter Moon Studios, everyone was talking about the survivors that were being found in the desert, totally shellshocked and not knowing what had hit them from the B52 strikes. M.D. Marine (who had done two tours of duty in Viet Nam) said they called the very  first B52 bombings in 1965 arclight because the 1000lb bombs displaced the atmosphere so badly that it created lightning. He also said that anyone that lived through one was never the same....kinda like anyone that would come see one of our shows if we were a rock band!! Two years later when we became a BluesRock power trio........there was only one name to go by!!


Myke Carroll and ArcLight have been perfecting their high energy brand of GA.mountain Blues Rock for almost twenty years! Even so they have maintained a very low profile in the music business because as Carroll puts it " the music business has practically nothing to do with music and everything to do with hypeing,marketing and selling to the highest bidder whatever is the latest craze and that changes every couple of months". so we just stick to our orignal plan that we started with in 1992 to play what we want to play the way we want to play it,how, when and where we want to play it and that way we don't have to answer to record company people,management,agencies or anyone else besides ourselves and our Fans.we're not trying to get rich or be Rock Stars we're a little old for that! we just want to perform our stuff and let people see and hear what real musical passion is. there are some that are so brainwashed by the "Industry"as to whats good when we play a show and people don't know us they walk away by the second song but theres a lot of them that get up and move closer.and the reason they move closer is the incredible virtuosity displayed by Carroll and Co. Drummer Johnny Weaver is a huge Buddy Rich fan so theres a definite big band sound to the drums and the rythyms and polyrythyms he plays add a unique edge thats very rarely heard in a power trio format. Bassist,Vocalist Michael D. Marine screams and moans like Howlin' Wolf trying to escape from Robert Johnsons hellhounds on his trail and his Bass playing echoes Jaco Pastorius and Stanley Clark on the jazz side and Jack Bruce and Willie Dixon on the rock/blues side add in his formidable talents on harmonica and you have a one man triple threat.And Then theres Myke Carroll.when he plays you can hear all the Rock and Blues masters who came before him with just a touch of Jazz and Country for seasoning.He claims he's been learning how to play the guitar for almost 50 years and until just the past few years didn't realize how little he actually knew.he says that if you practice for about 100 yrs. you might make a pretty good scratch on the surface of guitar playing.He seems to do quite well considering his so called "Limited abilities"'s a straight up Blues,Jazz,Rock,Country or R+B song with one of his weird feedback soundscapes,he beats on his guitar like it owes him money or carresses it like a newborn baby,his intensity is completely relentless.he usually plays with his head down giving the impression that every fiber of his being is attuned totally to the incredible array of notes and sounds that he alternately wrings or carresses from one of his vintage guitars.and a deceptivley simple amp rig. a wah pedal a chorus pedal and a 2 channel tube amp,thats it no computers,no digital anything just wire,wood,tubes,flesh,sweat and soul with a capitol S-O-U-L If you are going to be in the Ga.mountain area you owe it to yourself to check out an ArcLight show.I don't think you'll walk away I think you'll want to get closer...A lot closer ...... ......


Band Members

Myke Carroll - All Electric and Acoustic Guitars,vocals

M.D. Marine - Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals, harmonica

John Weaver - Drums, All Percussion Instruments

Influences Myke Carrolls: Jimi Hendrix; Duane Allman; Dicky Betts; Jeff Beck; HankWilliams; Jerry Reed; Michael Bloomfield; Steve Miller; Muddy Waters; B. B. King; Eric Clapton; George Benson; David Gilmore; Gary Moore; Roy Buchanan; Robert Johnson; Buddy Guy; Robin Trower; Johnny Winter; Roy Clark; Freddie King; Carlos Santana; Gary Granger; Tom Bradley; Greg Curbow, and everyone I can listen to, you never even scratch the surface if you play 100 years. **John Weavers: Buddy Rich; Ed Shaunessy; Art Blakely; Gene Krupa. **Mike Marines: Jack Bruce; Stanley Clark; Jaco Pastorius; John Entwhistle; John Paul Jones.

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